About us

Founded in 2020, as a 100% Hungarian company, we manufacture and distribute high-quality, popular Hungarian products with a decade-long history. Our primary goal is to serve the widest possible segment of the domestic and international market. We aim to achieve this by constant innovation, modernizing our factory and increasing our production capacity, as well as introducing new flavours and packaging.

One of our most important resources and the raw material behind all our products is our mineral water, which is rich in natural minerals and is extracted from our wells in Albertirsa. This is why we are committed to operating in an environmentally conscious way and why we strive to use the highest possible proportion of recycled plastic bottles during our bottling operations.

We have one of the largest state-of-the-art bottling plants in Europe, where contract manufacturing is also possible - thanks to our wide product portfolio, we can provide our customers with excellent and diverse products.

Our core values

All our products are made from mineral water

The backbone of our energy-restricted soft drinks and different flavoured energy drinks is provided by our crystal-clear mineral water, which contains the minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

We operate in an environmentally conscious way

Csomagolásaink jelentős része újrahasznosítható anyagokból készül és működésünk során is törekszünk a fenntarthatóságra.

We are driven by innovation

We are constantly perfecting our products and introducing new flavours and packaging based on consumer feedback.

We have a wide range of products

We offer mineral waters, soft drinks and energy drinks that suit everyone's tastes, lifestyle and desires, at affordable prices and in excellent quality.

We have one of the largest bottling plants in Europe

Depending on our capacity, we can also undertake contract manufacturing for other brands.

We are Hungarian

With Hungarian employees and taxes paid in Hungary, we manufacture domestic products with a long history.

Our main activities

Manufacturing and distributing our own brands

Nagy múltú és népszerű magyar márkák (Veritas ásványvizek, Watt energiaitalok, Minera ásványvizek, Wild Touch energiaitalok, Queen üdítőitalok) termékeit készítjük Európa egyik legnagyobb és legmodernebb üzemében.

Contract manufacturing

With our experience as a beverage manufacturer and our modern machinery, we are happy to undertake contract manufacturing of mineral waters, soft drinks and energy drinks, depending on our existing resources. We are currently manufacturing PET bottles and aluminium packaging for several domestic chains and discount stores. Click here to request a quote!